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Our Story

Ray and Jane Guy built Alladan Kennels in 1978 not long after the infamous blizzard of ’78 after moving back to Massachusetts to be closer to family.
Both Ray and Jane had long loved animals and they decided to put their love of dogs, in particular, to use and open a kennel.
Jane’s parents raised award-winning Boxers and Jane thoroughly enjoyed playing and interacting with the dogs while growing up and wanted to continue the family tradition. After moving to Virginia she practiced as a veterinary technician before returning to Massachusetts. Jane continues to breed Boxers to this day.
Raymond has always had a knack with animals. He was a member of the canine corps in the British armed forces where he built a reputation training and handling difficult-to-manage dogs.
If you would like more information about the Boxers, please contact the kennels – please note we breed our dogs selectively as we consider them members of the family and so we only have puppies available on occasion.

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